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Galen is the field coordinator to Central African Republic (CAR) and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with SEED COMPANY. Prior to SEED COMPANY, he served in Zaire (now DRC), CAR and Burkina Faso mentoring leaders in education, ministry logistics and Muslim outreach (respectively).

His 30+ years of cultural experience and language skills help him mentor national leaders and structure translation projects that incorporate globally proven strategies with a local community's determination and resources. Seed Company values local partnership and only engages projects using "mother-tongue translators". Bible translation is accelerated towards transformational impact for “Bible-less” language communities through focusing on:

[1] local "end-users" scripture needs;

[2] sustainable project management; and

[3] leveraging appropriate technical tools.

To address the recent trauma in Central African Republic, Galen introduced “Story-Based Trauma Healing” training for local church leaders in 12 “heart” languages around Bangui. The impact of oral translation of scripture stories has led the national Bible translation organization to plan another training in Bozoum, and to use it as the "initial engagement" with churches towards addressing the Bible translation needs of the ±40 remaining languages.

Thank you for partnering with Galen to assist national churches and language communities in their initiative to translate God's word into their "heart" languages to advance the kingdom in DRC and CAR.

I am currently moving my email addresses and prayer letter mailings over from my personal email: to my Wycliffe Bible Translators (Wycliffe USA) email: I also have a work email, listed below.

I don’t have a ministry website. And, now that I no longer work with muslims, you are free to include me on yours. FYI, last spring the Northwest Conference produced a video for their annual meeting about “Covenanters in Mission”, see


No Bombs No Bullets!

Isidore is a member of the Banda-Linda Bible translation team which is nearing the completion of the New Testament.  He has a gentle disposition, but I know he is a bundle of strength.  Together with a teammate, the final two team members, he smuggled the translation computer and hard disk out of the rebel held area of Central African Republic.  Their office and homes were as good as lost to them, but they carefully carried the translated portion of God's word to safety.  The team has worked in the capital and expects that next year they will pass the translated New Testament on for formatting to be dedicated in late 2019.  In the meantime, the Banda-Linda team hopes to return to their town of Bambari to community check their work and start translating some Old Testament books.  Today, bombs and bullets no longer rain down on Isidor’s home town. 


Earlier today (May 22) when I took this photo, I was thankful that there has not been one report of gun fire in the capital either.  If only that were true of other parts of CAR.  Please pray for the Eastern of CAR, where there were recently two massacres.  Pray also for the extreme northwest where roving bands of armed militia extort taxes and fees from rural people traveling to market.  Today, we completed plans for our national translation partner to begin a series of workshops to translate trauma healing story sets with 8 more language teams.


You have an important role in helping these persecuted brothers and sisters receive “stories of HOPE”.  And for most of them, it will be the first time to hear God's promises and compassion in the own mother-tongue language.  And that’s good news worth sharing around!


Other prayer points:

1.         Praise that the ACATBA administration team has the vision, compassion and drive to develop team cohesiveness.  We have been working towards finalizing the development a new Story-Based Trauma Healing project: Bozoum Trauma Cluster.

2.        Monday (yesterday), Clarence the coordinator of the Banda-Linda team, had a motorcycle accident.  He went to the hospital and was later released with facial and arm scrapes.  We praise God that he was not hurt further.

3.        Five Wycliffe-USA projects are completing an updated proposal process (Kaba, Nzakara, Lutos, Gbeya and Mandja).  These two weeks have included lots of “re-learning”, so pray for the teams as they implement the changes discussed and planned.  Only one will be able to be processed in time by SEED COMPANY for a October start.  Pray for the others as the next steps are less clear.

4.        Pray for me as I return home.  My mother has recently been put on hospice.  She rallied upon return from the hospital, permitting me to complete these two weeks of travel.  She is impatient to be with Jesus, but is enjoying special times with loved ones.



Until all have access to God's word,


Galen Johnson

SEED COMPANY field coordinator to Francophone Africa- CAR/DRC

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