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Our Vision: To see churches mobilized to plant churches in places where Christ is not known.

The vision is to see gospel centered local churches engaged in establishing indigenous churches planting churches in the 1040 Window among unreached and unengaged people groups for the sake of His name.

Our Mission: Mobilizing the church to live His story.

The Mission is to assist churches in developing World Christians to strategically engage in making Christ known among unreached and unengaged people groups both local and global in the 10/40 window (Below).

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World Christian = one who understands God's heart for the world and strategically lives their life in such a way that whatever they do and wherever they are they are striving to see Him glorified among the nations.

Our Objective: To provide churches with World Christian Training to assist in mobilizing their congregation to strategically engage in completing the great commission.

a) Education Develop a Bible based zeal for world missions. Develop an obedience driven motive for missions involvement. Develop a God centered passion for the world.

b) Exposure Experience the strongholds of the major religious blocs of UPG’s. Learn to culturally engage followers of these religions to share Jesus. Broaden compassion for unreached peoples around there world.

c) Engagement Encourage participants to live a World Christian lifestyle through the six habits of learning, praying, sending, welcoming, mobilizing, and going. Identify potential long term goers and helping them initiate the preparation process.

Our Personal Desire and Work: We have a desire to see our muslim neighbors here in the US, and those who are Unengaged and Unreached (pictured below), have access to the Gospel.

Locally, we train different churches and communities to welcome muslims by sharing their lives and stories of Christ’s redemptive grace with them. We help churches and individuals break down stereotypes of who muslims are and to break away from any fear that we might have from them, to see them as Christ does. We also are able to break down stereotypes of what muslims think about christians.

Globally, we train missionaries on what it looks like to do Church Planting in closed access nations among different unreached people groups. We take potential goers on vision trips and come alongside them on being well prepared to do the work God is raising them up for. With only 3 missionaries for every 1,000,000 muslims, the church needs to be awakened and raised up to send more laborers.

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