Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you so much for helping us with this campaign! With us not being able to come back when we had planned, this increase in financial partners is a tremendous blessing! I just wanted to give a you quick update:

We have raised an additional $630 since April 1st! $110 of this is monthly partnership, and $520 is one-time gifts. We are so grateful!

When including our current monthly support, this means that we have reached over 60% of our campaign goal! We are so blessed to have a community that is so willing to come behind us, thank you again for your help! We would love your continued help in spreading the word throughout Facebook as we continue this campaign through til May 1st.

Kyle & Stacia Christensen

We are launching a massive online fundraising campaign, and we need your help to spread the word!

First of all, thank you for continuing to stay connected with us and with what God is doing throughout the unreached people groups of Asia!  It would be a tremendous help to us if you would be willing to watch the video above and share it with your friends and family on facebook and other social media outlets!  This video summarizes much of what we have been giving ourselves to in a very streamlined way, and includes a link at the end to our financial campaign website, where people who are stirred can easily begin to partner with us financially.  

This online campaign will run until May 1st, and we are looking to raise $3500 in monthly support!  This support will go towards:

  1. Sustaining full-time missionaries at our base in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 
  2. Sustaining full-time missionaries whom we have directly sown into, and who are reaching the unreached within their own nations. 
  3. Sending outreach teams to accompany these missionaries on the field. 
  4. Buying gear & equipment that will help us and these missionaries to be more effective. 
  5. Hosting schools & trainings within strategic nations that will help to better equip & sustain local missionaries & believers. 
Here are some ways that you can help us reach the unreached!
  • If you are not already, we would love to have you financially partner with us in reaching the unreached! 
  • Sharing this video on Facebook and recommending for people to watch it.  An Example would be "Wow, this is so exciting!  Look at what God is doing!" 
  • Including the hashtag #reachtheunreached in your postings would be helpful!
  • Talking to your Church Leadership about possibly partnering with us financially, and sharing the video with them to give them an idea of who we are and what we do.  
  • Inviting a group of friends over to your house whom you believe might be interested in partnering with what we are doing, and sharing this video with them.
  • Praying that God would stir peoples hearts to partner with us as we continue to pursue what God has called us to!

Due to the nature of our ministries involvement with missionaries and students from closed or persecuted nations, we can’t share certain specifics or pictures in order to protect their identity and our missions work. We will share as much as we can. Some pictures might contain blurred out faces: know that these faces belong to believers who are passionate for Jesus, and that they are having a massive impact all throughout Asia and the Middle East. Through your partnership with us, we are able to sow deeply into their callings. Thank you for your support, it is bearing much fruit!

We're Staying! We are so excited to announce to you that God has called us to remain in Chiang Mai, Thailand long term! So much has happened throughout these past eight months, including us being invited onto the leadership team to help run the YWAM base, and our hearts are bursting with excitement as we look to the future. There is incredible fruit being produced through this base and our missionaries, as well as some massive doors that are opening before us as we speak in regards to training and equipping massive underground church networks, which will result in the advancement of the gospel throughout the remaining unreached people groups of Asia! I am currently preparing a big fundraising campaign that will include detailed videos explaining how we will be actively reaching these unreached people groups. I will share those videos and explain much more to you as soon as I can. I am truly undone by what I see God doing and how we have been personally grafted into it!

I invite you to watch the video below to discover why Chiang Mai, Thailand is an extremely strategic location when it comes to reaching the unreached:

Recent Highlights

Converge 2017

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting together with 23 Houses of Prayer dispersed throughout all of South East Asia.  We all "converged" together in Malaysia and had a powerful time of family, strategy, and vision.  We are so looking forward to intentionally networking with these houses of prayer in a way that makes us all much stronger than we would be on our own.  Here are some highlights from our time together


 Converge 2017






We were able to reconnect with Elijah and Abigail from South Korea, whom we had known from their time at IHOP:KC!              








Praying over House of Prayer Regions

A powerful time of interceding over house of prayers represented at the gathering.








Praying for Thailand HOP's

Stacia and I receiving prayer along with another House of Prayer from Bangkok







Teaching in Closed Nation


Stacia and I were invited a while back to come and teach at a house of prayer worship school in a nearby closed country.  We will be leaving soon and heading there to teach them for a week on the theology of worship and prayer.  Please be praying for us, that we would be protected during our time there, as well as that translation would flow smoothly!




Crescendo Worship & Music School


ANHOP will be hosting a worship and music school in partnership with 1:11 Global.  It will be located here on our base in Thailand, and it will contain extensive training in musical skill, worship team development, and theology of worship and prayer.  Please be praying during this time for us in advertising for the school and that God would begin to stir hearts to attend this school to go deeper in worship and prayer!



500 Thai Salvations!


We have been praying non stop for the salvation of Thai's, who throughout history have been perceived as being very closed to the gospel.  We just heard an incredible report that a ministry just experienced incredible fruit in seeing 500 Thai's come to salvation!!  This ministry says that this is very rare and attributed their soft hearts to our continual prayer, and they encouraged us not to stop praying for Thailand: They are seeing the fruit!!


Thank you for your prayers and support!

Kyle & Stacia Christensen:

YWAM Base Leadership & ANHOP Directors

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