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Picture A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Joe Burton, a youth minister from White Bear Lake, MN, first felt called to what is now The Isaiah Connection. Joe's desire was to create an international mission organization that was affordable, life changing and connected teens and adults from all around the world! After receiving his Masters in Christian Education, emphasis in Youth Ministry, and his Masters in Theology, emphasis in missions from Bethel Seminary St. Paul, Joe felt prepared to begin the work, which was set upon his heart in 1998.

In the summer of 2002, The Isaiah Connection launched its first mission experience with 11 individuals in Maui, Hawaii. The results became apparent as these individuals used their gifts and talents for Kingdom work at a children’s camp. Out of 40 campers, 20 made personal commitments to the Lord. The hope of the ministry is that, not only would teens and adults experience life change through service, but also people from all around the world would gather to serve in one location.

Through community service projects, music, drama, Vacation Bible School, teaching, farming, medical assistance, sporting activities, youth and adults will have the opportunity to minister with the simplicity of unconditional love, acceptance, presence and the chance to reflect the hope of Christ. God is interested in using ordinary people; it is clear from scriptures that if we are willing to go, God will equip us in ways that we could never comprehend. The best thing we can offer is our time and our service.

See, everyday there are people around the world who are looking for hope. These are ordinary people like you and me who want to know that their life has some purpose and meaning. However, everyday their hope is shattered by confusion, instability, and despair in the culture in which they live.

Sometimes modern conveniences are used to meet the needs of these hurting people, but many times these conveniences fall short and their welfare goes untouched.

So what is the most effective way to bring Hope to a person in need? Isaiah 40:1-5 tells us, it is to bring comfort to those in need by preparing the way of the Lord with His word, His will, and His ways through our actions and presence with them.

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Our Mission

Our mission is twofold:

First: the project is based on Isaiah 40:1-5, where God is telling Isaiah that it is time to bring His people out of exile; it is time to bring comfort to those whom they come in contact. Thus, the project provides opportunities to build long lasting relationships in communities around the world where youth and adults work on projects that will be comfort with whom come in contact. The project not only gives to the community, but also receives back from the community through the experience of working with other cultures that affect youth and adults in a life changing way.

Second: the project is based on Isaiah 53, the suffering servant. Just like Isaiah demonstrated a suffering servant heart, youth and adults will come to know want it means to serve in an unconditional loving manner to all people and all cultures of the world where The Isaiah Connection is based. Youth and adults will have the opportunity to minister in a way that will affect their hearts, minds, souls, and spirits through their unselfish Christ like actions.



The purpose of The Isaiah Connection is to provide worldwide life changing,

Christ centered, mission opportunities

by connecting teens and adults in communities around the world.


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