Camp Serve

Each year during Camp Serve the 6th Graders  will spend the first day doing a service project at the Church, the second will be in the community of Forest Lake & the 3rd day will be doing a service either for the state, country or global. At the end of Camp Serve there is always a fun event for the 6th graders to do.


In 2017, the Camp Serve Crew completed these projects:

Serving the Church

Cleaned all the toys and surfaces in the Nursery and 2&3s classrooms.

Serving our Community

Lakes Life Care Center: They served at the center and learned about what they do for our community.

Serving the Greater Community

Minnesota Crisis Nursery: They served kids who’s parents were in crisis and need someone to watch their children for a couple hours in the evening. They made a fun snack and served it to the kids.

Fun Event

After the work was complete the crew played at Grand Slam playing laser tag, mini golf & bumper cars.

The Camp Serve Crew did an amazing job & learned firsthand about service & discipleship. Way to go guys!

Interested in becoming part of the Camp Serve Crew?

Please contact Michelle Nelson, Children's Director, for more Camp Serve details.

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