Our Mission

Knowing God

We are inviting people to grow with us in knowing our God.

Loving God

We are engaging people to experience with us the love of our God.

Serving God

We are calling people to join with us in accomplishing God’s purposes in our generation.

We come to know God through His Son, Jesus Christ. We grow in our knowledge of God by encountering Him in the written Word (the Bible), which reveals the character of God, allowing us to know Him.

As we grow in awareness of what God has done and continues to do on our behalf, we will come to love Him. The greatest act of God on behalf of mankind was when He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the substitute for each one of us on the cross, where He took our sin on Himself so that we would not have to pay the penalty of death for our sins. Rather than die and suffer hell, each one who accepts what Jesus did on our behalf is adopted into God’s family and given the gift of eternal life. This act alone calls forth a love from our hearts that seeks opportunities for expression. Once our hearts are won to Him by all that He has done for us, we grow in our desire to serve Him by helping others to know how much He loves them. No matter what He asks, we stand ready to obey, because He is our God and ruling King who loves us. 

Our Purpose

Crossroads exists to help people know God through Jesus Christ, to love God and people wholeheartedly, and to serve Him as an expression of heartfelt gratitude.

Our Values

We value knowing, loving, and serving our God, the King of the universe.

• Knowing God the Father through Jesus Christ, the Son,

• Loving God and others as we realize what He has done for us through Jesus Christ,

• Serving God and others as He empowers us with His Spirit.